About Us


We Are Two Gals Jewelry!


Two Gals Jewelry is a family owned jewelry and accessory business created in 2012 by mother and daughter, Katheryn and Nikie Peterson. At Two Gals we pride ourselves in providing our customers a large range of creative, intricate and beautiful selection of jewelry and accessory products. Many of the pieces in our inventory are TG Originals, meaning we create them ourselves by hand! We love expressing our creativity and passion through our jewelry, but even more so we love being able to share them with the world and all those we meet. Our motto is, "Spend a little, Say a lot" and we can't wait to help you make your statement.


 Meet Aaliyah


Aaliyah Bueno joined the TG's Team in 2015 and has been a vital member ever since. Thanks to Aaliyah we're able to take amazing photos of our jewelry, models as well as keep our website's inventory expanding and up to date on a daily basis. It's safe to say that without Aaliyah our website would be nowhere near what it is today and we're blessed to have her be part of the TG family. Here are a few words from her: 

"Hi! If we have not met my name is Aaliyah Bueno! TG's is the first job I've had working with a small family company and has been beyond enjoyable. Nikie and Katheryn are two of the sweetest and most creative women I know."